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Rigoberto Paredes & Asociados is a Law Firm that has always been known for the outstanding pro bono work its attorneys in Bolivia include in their daily activities. We feel that by helping our fellow man we help our own organization, creating and increasing moral and human values within our organizational culture. Our pro bono activities include:

PROGRAM: Attorneys in Bolivia in your Pocket.
Rigoberto Paredes & Asociados has gone to great efforts to provide the Bolivian people with an android application called “An Attorney in your Pocket”. This app is a user-friendly tool easily operated by any individual that wishes to be informed on their natural and legal rights and obligations. For example, users of our app can explore tax issues, social benefits, consumer rights, how to respond to a burglary, how to purchase a house or vehicle, or how to draft an agreement. These are just a few of the over one hundred topics available under this app. You can have access to this application at no cost by clicking here or contacting the Google Play store.

PROGRAM: Searching for Injustice.
Our attorneys in Bolivia, along with the Rigoberto Paredes Foundation, supports Searching for Injustice, a pro bono program over a decade old. Through this pro bono program, we help and sponsor, free of charge, individuals of low income brackets. Furthermore, Searching for Injustice has executed several inter-institutional agreements with NGO’s and associations that work with needy people. This program is aimed at granting legal aid to people with special needs, victims of domestic violence, and nonprofit organizations that protect the rights of children and adolescents, the environment and animal rights.

PROGRAM: Legal Cost-free Education.
The auditorium of Rigoberto Paredes & Asociados is a continuous venue for free education on issues related to Human Rights. We periodically organize courses on legal training in order to educate different organizations, unions, neighborhoods and low income communities. Thanks to this initiative, poor and deprived people have benefitted from top notch legal counsel on matters such as labor, divorce, domestic violence, custody, alimony, filiations and so forth.

PROGRAM: Preservation of the Artistic Patrimony of the Antonio Paredes Candia Museum.
Ever since the foundation of the Antonio Paredes Candia Museum in the city of El Alto, in the Department of La Paz, our Law Firm has granted legal counsel to this institution for the protection and preservation of its works of art.

PROGRAM: Merry Christmas.
During the month of December, our Law Firm partners with organizations that work with children from low income families orphans, and/pr ailing children to donate Christmas gifts to families or children who might be struggling throughout the Christmas season. On December 23rd and 24th, our firm provides gift donations to the benefitting organizations.