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Mergers and Acquisitions M&A

Mergers and Acquisitions M&A

Rigoberto Paredes &Asociados often take part in medium and large mergers and acquisitions. We routinely serve as lead counsel for both purchasers and sellers. Our attorneys have great expertise on these matters, from initial negotiations, intent agreements, and preliminary agreements of purchase, pledges and so forth up through the completion of these transactions.

We may help you with:

1. Counseling in complex due diligence processes – we have a multidisciplinary team with strategic alliances with leading organizations in all areas that need to be researched;

2. Drafting confidentiality agreements and other appropriate restrictive agreements;

3. Construction of corporate and financial strategies for the implementation of specific acquisition structures which take into account both our client’s economic and legal considerations;

4. Strategic drafting and construction of and preliminary agreements of purchase, pledges and so forth up through final closing documents;

5. Public bids of purchase, general and restricted OPV’s;

6. Public subscription offers – OPS’s;

7. Public acquisition offers – OPA’s;

8. Letters of understanding –MOU’s; and

9. Letters of intention – LOI’s.

It is important to emphasize the fact that we count on our strategic partners to help us provide a comprehensive analysis of companies for acquisition, not only from a legal point of view, but also from an accounting and financial viewpoint. By using this multidisciplinary approach, we design and execute business mergers, divisions and transfers, as well as simple reorganizations which best suit the needs of our clients.


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