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Unlawful tax and criminal liability of the company

On July 13, 2017, Dr. Erika Defilippis and LLM Rigoberto Paredes participated as invited guests by the Chamber of Business of Integration Bolivian Argentina CEIBA to discuss the topic of tax offenses and the criminal responsibility of the company with the new penal code. This event was developed in the Cabildo Hall of Hotel Los Tajibos. see more

Lecturers in the Commercial Mission of Software

On November 29, 2016, Rigoberto Paredes & Asociados participated in the international event “Commercial Mission of the Software Sector” organized by the Chamber of Software and Information Services Companies (CESSI), the Argentine Embassy in Bolivia, the Consulate General and the Center of Promotion of Argentina. In this event our Firm taken part with three exhibitors: Mr. Rigoberto Paredes Ayllon Director of our Firm, Ms. Carla Pozo de la Barra and Ms. María Esperanza Balderrama. Intellectual Property, Commercial and Tax Law were the the key issues dealt.

Rigoberto Paredes & Asociados in Washington DC.

Rigoberto Paredes & Asociados participated actively in the Annual Conference of the International Bar Association (IBA) held from September 18 to 23, 2016 in Washington DC. In this important event were panelists Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund; Loretta Lynch, Attorney General of the United States; Colin Powell, Secretary of State of the United States (2001 – 2005). The IBA Annual Conference is a key event on the agenda of the international legal community as it provides an opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and the creation of a global network of colleagues and business contacts.

Real Estate Investments in United States

On September the Law Firm Rigoberto Paredes & Asociados jointly with the US real estate company Gomez Loayza Realty P.A. participated in the International Fair of Santa Cruz Expocruz-2016. At this event, our Firm performed a Due Diligence of real estate products offered and legally assisted Bolivian investors in the United States. The International Fair of Santa Cruz was held from September 16 to 25, 2016.

Work shop about how to start investments in Bolivia for the Ecuadorian Business Mission

On July 27, 2016, the Commercial Office of Ecuador (Pro Ecuador) carried out a commercial mission of Ecuadorian entrepreneurs interested in investing in Bolivia. In this event, our Firm had the opportunity to talk about basic aspects regarding how to start an investment in Bolivia. This important event was held in the Auditorium of our Firm.

International Trademark Association-INTA

Rigoberto Paredes & Asociados participated actively in the annual meeting of the prestigious international association INTA – International Trademark Association held from May 21 to 25 in the city of Orlando, Florida. It should be noted that this meeting of firms specialized in Intellectual Property was considered one of the most important in the history of INTA. This was due to the fact that attendance at this event was the highest recorded to date in similar events organized by this prestigious association.


Multipurpose Potable Water and Irrigation Program for the Municipalities of Batallas, Pucarani and El Alto

This project has the purpose of contracting for the construction of the project that will benefit several families in the municipalities of Batallas, Pucarani and El Alto. The estimated construction period is 33 calendar months and has a reference price of USD 113,124,913.90. Applications will be received until 04/26/2017.

Pre-investment study Improvement of the integral solid waste management of Trinidad

This call is designed to be carried out in the jurisdiction of the Municipal Government of Trinidad – EMAUT. The reference price is 341’927.59 $ US. The application deadline is 03/27/2017.

Construction road of La Plata (Potosí – Coroma)

The road crosses the jurisdiction of the Municipalities of Potosí, Yocalla, Belén de Urmiri and Uyuni of the Department of Potosí. The present project is divided in two sections to be constructed: Section 1. “PROG. 0 + 000 A PROG. 57 + 590 – Estancia Thola Vinto “for a value of 8’332’608,86 USD, and Section 2.” Estancia Thola Vinto – PROG. 57 + 590 A PROG. 142 + 543.10 “for a value of 7’709’321.35 USD. The application deadline is 03/22/2017.

Construction and Supply of weight and dimension Control Posts, Toll Charges and Control Center, and Study of an Intelligent Transportation System for the Fundamental Road Network

The Contract  consists mainly of: i) the final engineering design; (ii) the construction of works and the supply and installation of systems; and (iii) maintenance of works, installations and systems. An investment of 20’000’000.- USD is estimated. The application deadline is 03/17/2017.

Construction of the double track Puente Chimore – Villa Tunari. Sections: Final Puente Chimore – Prog. 301 + 000 and Prog. 301 + 000 – Villa Tunari (with suspensive condition)

The “Cristal Mayu – Montero” double track forms part of the Fundamental Route F-4 of the country’s main road network and the East-West Corridor of our country, allowing the integration of Pacific and Atlantic ports through Chile and Brazil respectively. It is estimated an investment of   42,191,179.28 USD for Section 1. Final Puente Chimore – Prog. 301 + 000 “, and of  38,610,209.72 USD for Section 2.” Prog. 301 + 000 – Villa Tunari”. The application deadline is 10/03/2017.

Pre-investment technical design study for the construction of the Villazon-Yunchara road

The section to be intervened has several alternatives of the route of the road with an approximate length of 70.00 km, starting in the town of Villazón (Potosí) to the town of Yunchará (Tarija). The alternatives are developed on a flat and ondulated topography. The reference price is 910,000.00 USD. The application deadline is 10/03/2017.

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