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Drowning in debts

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Strategies to deal with insolvency;
Asset protection studies;
Debt rescheduling and refinancing;
Legal negotiations to reach transactional agreements;
Judicial approvals;
Subrogations, substitutions of guarantees; and Administration of mortgages and preventive annotations.
Debtrecovery and delinquentportfolios
  • Collection processes portfolio management;
  • Legal administration of guarantees and complex contractual drafting;
  • Realization of agreements and negotiations that allow to improve the flow of a credit;
  • Debtor solvency analysis;
  • Steps to recover a credit;
  • Analysis of potential risks in a portfolio in default;
  • Interpretation, strategic drafting and execution of civil contracts.
  • Legal audits of civil collection processes initiated.
  • Procedures and solution of problems in Real Rights.


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