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Administrative Law and Sectorial Regulations

Administrative Law and Sectorial Regulations

Our priority is up holding the fundamental rights of petition and redress of our clients. Our main objective is ensuring that any administrative action within Bolivia’s three different governmental levels (Central, Departmental and Municipal), is within reason and is just. Consequently, our Law Firm, on numerous occasions, has handled litigation which has challenged and overturned laws, supreme decrees and administrative procedures.

Our Law Firm can counsel and support you in:

1. Proceedings for all types of administrative permits, authorizations and/or licenses before the respective public entities.

2.The defense and protection of individual and civil rights from the arbitrary and capricious actions of administrative authorities.

3. The defense of your matters through the penalty processes and appeal of administrative claims.

4.Sponsorship for interviews with regulatory authorities.

5.Legal interpretation of the law and analysis of the legality or lack thereof and the right to petition, claims, and remedies from administrative agencies.

6. The strategic submission of administrative, annulment or appellate responses to governmental actions.

7. The representation and defense in adversarial administrative actions before the Supreme Court of Justice.

9. Revision, drafting and construction of bills.

10. Providing counsel for effective bids.