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Civil an Civil Procedure Law

Civil an Civil Procedure Law

Rigoberto Paredes & Asociados considers Civil Law as a basic an essential part of Law in order to provide security for the assets and liabilities of our clients. Our team has worked for several decades in complex procedures of civil contracts, protection and recoup of property, delinquent portfolio administration, hereditary succession and other civil matters.The members of our Law Firm constantly take part in training and updating courses on agreements, obligational, real estate and guarantee matters, since we firmly believe that these are basic issues within business. Our civil and civil procedure Department, deals daily with the following matters:

1.- Interpretation, strategic construction and execution of civil agreements.

2.- Establishment of Foundations, Associations, NGO’s and Civil Associations.

3.- Sponsor civil proceedings such us coercive, executive, ordinary, voluntary and injunction proceedings.

4.- Acquisitions, in this area our services include the formulation and development of negotiation strategies (Aimed at the best possible purchases within the projected parameters), legal research of the goods to be acquired; due diligence and drafting complex agreements to safeguard the legal certainty of our clients.

5.- Confirmation and execution of international sentences.

6.- Establishment of rights of way.

7.- Hereditary successions.

8.- Legal audit of ongoing civil actions.

9.- Proceedings and problem solution at the Real Estate Office.

10.- Drafting and certification of mandates and/or powers of attorney.