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Intellectual Property Law

Our Law Firm has as one of its main missions: the protection of the intellectual and industrial property rights of our clients.While adhering to the strict ethical and legal standards of our profession, we diligently perform any and all actions necessary to obtain the best possible outcomes for our clients. We have an excellent reputation, demonstrated leadership and proven expertise within Bolivia in matters of intellectual property law. We routinely handle matters such as:

Registration of Commercial Trademarks

1. Trademark searches using our very own BOLMARK® database;
2. Proceedings for trademark registration applications and renewals;
3. Proceedings for name or domicile change, duties, transfers and mergers;
4. Registration of licenses of use at the Intellectual Property Office;
5. Surveillance Services;
6. Defense in trials and opposition and nullity proceedings;
7. Defense in criminal cases related to intellectual property; and
8. Comprehensive counseling in all areas related to trademark law.

Patents and Utility Models

1. Patent search in our BOLMARK® database search;
2. Proceedings to file applications for patent registration, utility models and industrial designs;
3. Proceedings for name or domicile change, duties, transfers and mergers;
4. Extension for patent implementation;
5. Defense in opposition and nullity actions;
6. Defense in criminal cases related to intellectual property; and
7. Comprehensive counseling in all areas related to patent law.

Protection of Vegetable Breeds

1. Proceedings for registration of rights of obtainers of vegetable breeds;
2. Agreements to transfer license of rights of technology and technical assistance;
3. Conversion of international agreement models for licenses into Bolivian Legislation and the Andean Community Norms;
4. Defense in legal actions for infringements of rights, nullity, time lapse and surcease; and
5. Defense in opposition and civil actions related to the protection of rights over vegetable breeds.

Declarations of Geographic Origin

1. Proceedings for registration;
2. Surveillance services for non-authorized use;
3. Defense in opposition demands; and
4. Defense in criminal and civil suits.


1. Proceedings for applications to register works of art, film productions, literary, scientific and advertising works;
2. Proceedings to register applications related to computer programs, logistic support and databases;
3. Integration and implementation processes of corporate software such as ERP;
4. Counseling in procedures of public and private bids related to the acquisition of software;
5. Counseling for agreements related to all aspects of copyright law;
6. Counseling and projection of royalty and tax structures;
7. Counseling for the transfer and license of copyrights;
8. Due Diligence regarding intellectual property rights; and,
9. Defense in civil and criminal suits related to copyrights, right of image, entertainment, internet, technology and others.

Entertainment rights

1. Counseling and representation of managers, artists and athletes;
2. Negotiation and drafting of agreements for the sports and entertainment industries;
3. Trademark and copyright protection;
4. Counseling related to the use of the image of artists, models and other celebrities;
5. Tax counseling tailored to the sports and entertainment industries;
6. Defense and proceedings before local, departmental and national authorities; and
7. Legal audits of publicity and marketing campaigns.

Domain Names and Internet Property Rights

1. Registration and renewal of Domain Names;
2. Registration and transfer of Domain Names;
3. Surveillance of Domain Names;
4. Defense in suits related to dispute of Domain Names (.bo);
5. Proceedings and applications to eliminate domain names (.bo); and
6. Counseling in all matters related to the protection and usageof Domain Names.

Unfair Competition and Consumer Protection

1. Defense in suits related to unfair competition, restrictions against free enterprise and advertising abuse;
2. Examination of Internet posts and possible infringements of rights due to unfair competition;
3. Prior counseling related to commercial ideas and advertising projects;
4. Demands filed before the Vice Ministry of Defense of Consumer and User’s Rights; and
5. General counseling related to unfair competition, advertising ethics and the protection of the end users and consumers.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Our Law Firm is well known for its leverage in local litigation. Our litigation team has often been the centerpiece in causes with great coverage, with excellent results. We represent our clients in criminal, civil, commercial and administrative actions related to the following areas:

1. Trademark rights;
2. Patent rights;
3. Copyrights;
4. Copyright and intimacy;
5. Internet and new technologies;
6. Social networks and identity theft;
7. Unfair competition and restriction on free trade;
8. Defense of the rights of consumers;
9. Advertising abuse;
10.Domain Names (.bo);
11.Vegetable breeds; and
12.Issues related to Geographic and Origin Indications.


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