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Proceedings – Gestoría Bolivia

Proceedings – Gestoría Bolivia

Gestoría Bolivia is an important part of our Law Firm. Gestoría Bolivia involves direct interactions with public entities to perform and handle all types of proceedings. This department was created due to the ever increasing demand for representation in simple public proceedings in all areas of law for our local and foreign customers.Gestoría Bolivia provides you with the ability to receive documentation of legal proceedings from anywhere in the world with the assistance of Rigoberto Paredes & Asociados Law Firm.

The most frequent proceedings this department handles are:

1. Criminal records duly certified by all legal instances of both countries;

2. Civil status;

3. Birth certificates duly certified by both countries;

4. Certified death certificates from both countries;

5. Certified marriage licenses and certificates from both countries;

6. Confirmation of sentences issued abroad– Exequatur;

7. True photocopies of legal proceedings;

8. Confirmation of university and high school diplomas;

9. Revalidation of academic titles;

10.Certification of driver’s license; and

11. Other governmental certifications.